about Emily


Leading wellness expert and mother of one, Emily Wysock-Wright has more than 11 years’ experience of both study and work within the healthcare sector.

She is qualified in 10 different fields of expertise including nutrition, spiritual counselling, kinesiology and behavioural coaching.

Originally destined to be a Doctor, Emily started her journey towards her medical degree at St. George’s Medical School in London. However, in an ironic twist of fate whilst learning how to look after others, she struggled with her own health issues.

Taking time out to rebuild and recover, she volunteered in orphanages and townships in Ghana and South Africa, and it was here that she found her true passion.


“My journey was raw, honest and a real insight into the developing world.

Food was scarce, but they made nutritional, whole food meals from what they had.

I also learnt a lot about what made people happy, for example the importance of community and the essential need for love – not only towards others, but for themselves – and the difference that good health can make to your life”.

It was from this point that Emily’s passion for nutrition and wellness began, further evolving with her own experience of pregnancy and becoming a parent. It was here, in addition to her beautiful daughter Phoebe, that her concept for the 7-step programme of adira was born.